Mr. Draper to Mr. Hay.

No. 582.]

Sir: I beg leave to confirm on the overleaf your telegram1 of the 17th instant, directing me to inform the proper authorities of the expected arrival at Naples, Livorno, and Venice of the training ship Dixie, and to suggest that the usual port courtesies should be extended to her. I also confirm on overleaf my telegram1 to you acknowledging the receipt of the same. I carried out your instructions by a note to the minister for foreign affairs dated March 17, to which I have to-day received a reply, a copy of which I inclose herewith.

I have, etc.,

William F. Draper.

Mr. Malvano to Mr. Draper.

Mr. Ambassador: In reply to the note of the 17th instant, with which your excellency informed of the arrival, shortly, in our ports of the training ship Dixie, I have the honor to say that I referred the matter to my colleague of the navy, begging him to give the necessary instructions to the proper maritime authorities, that the usual facilities may be granted to said ship.

Pray accept, etc., for the minister.

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