Memorandum left at the Department of State by the Japanese Chargé d’Affaires.

[Telegram from Viscount Aoki.]

In view of the fact that Tientsin has been besieged since the 17th instant, and that, notwithstanding the advance of the forces of the powers on that city, there is as yet little hope of communication with the beleaguered settlement, the commander of the Japanese fleet at Taku has sent an urgent appeal for further reenforcement, and I have to-day (the 23d) handed to the representatives at Tokyo of the United States, Great Britain, Russia, Germany, France, Italy, and Austria-Hungary a memorandum expressing the desire of the Imperial Government to act in concert with the powers and requesting information on the measures they propose to take in view of the critical situation in China and the serious position of their combined forces at Taku. You will therefore approach the United States Government and ask what measures they are taking or intend to take at the present juncture.