Mr. Buck to Mr. Hay.

[Telegram—Partly paraphrased.]

(Mr. Buck reports that Department’s telegram of the 29th ultimo was communicated on the 31st to the Japanese minister for foreign affairs, who gives him, for the Department’s information, a copy of the reply made to-day by the Japanese Government to the Russian minister, who had on the 31st made to him a communication similar to that made to the Department by the Russian minister in Washington, as follows:)

Before arriving at a decision in reference to the question of the withdrawal of the entire forces of Japan from Pekin, the Imperial Government intend to withdraw such portions of her troops as are numerically in excess of the requisite strength or have become unnecessary (for) tactical reasons for the establishment of peace and order in the province of Chili. The Imperial Government consider it advisable that the powers should continue for some time yet to exert joint military pressure upon that province; nevertheless it is believed in the present situation the step contemplated by the Imperial Government will be productive of no evil result, since the geographical proximity of Japan to the seat of military operations makes it relatively easy for her to dispatch at any time such forces as situation may require. The Imperial Government, agreeing to the eventual temporary withdrawal from Pekin of the personnel of the Imperial legation, declare their readiness to cooperate in any further action which may be decided upon by the powers for the furtherance of their common interest.