Mr. Adee to Baron Fava.


Your telegraphic inquiries respecting the views of this Government upon the telegrams sent to their respective Governments by the ministers at Pekin, and upon the Japanese proposal for a cessation of hostilities to allow of a pacific rescue of the foreign inmates of the beleaguered legations, are virtually answered affirmatively by the memorandum delivered yesterday evening to our chargé in Rome for communication to the Italian Government.1 I will mail you an official text of the communications exchanged yesterday with Minister Wu, and you will get it to-morrow morning.

Alvey A. Adee,
Acting Secretary.
[Telegram from Marquis Venosta to Baron Fava.—Translation.]

(Copy left with Mr. Adee by Baron Fava.)

The minister of the King at Pekin communicates the response made by the diplomatic corps to the three points of the German circular: [Page 361]

  • First. Other culprits besides those designated ought to be punished.
  • Second. The indicated penalties are insufficient.
  • Third. The presence of delegates of the legations could alone assure the execution.

Be pleased to telegraph the views of the Secretary of State.

  1. Printed, p. 301.