Lord Pauncefote to Mr. Hill.

Dear Mr. Hill: I have much pleasure in sending you the accompanying copy of a letter received by me and signed by four missionaries from Manchuria, who are desirous that I should bring to the notice of your Government the great kindness they experienced at the hands of Mr. Richard T. Greener, United States commercial agent at Vladivostock, and I beg to join in their expression of gratitude to him for his humane and praiseworthy action.

I am, etc.,


His Excellency Baron Pauncefote,
Her Britannic Majesty’s Ambassador and Plenipotentiary, Washington.

Sir: May we be allowed to draw your attention to the extreme kindness which we, the undersigned British missionaries from Manchuria, have received from the commercial agent of the United States at this port, Richard T. Greener, esq.

Owing to the “I Ho Chuan” insurrection in North China, which rapidly spread into Manchuria, it became necessary for the Scotch and Irish missionaries to leave their stations in the interior and make their escape to the coast.

A party of twenty-eight, including wives and children, finding the way to the treaty post of Newchang closed, escaped into eastern Siberia. Some of this party have already sailed for Japan, but we would like to take this opportunity of saying that Mr. Greener has spared no pains and grudged no time in rendering us such assistance as lay in his power.

We came here as fugitives, without introductions or proper passports. On learning that there was no British consul we naturally turned to the representative of America, and were not disappointed, for had Mr. Greener been an official of our own Government he could not have done more for us than he did.

Such international courtesies, tending, as it seems to us, to strengthen the bonds which unite the two great branches of the Anglo-Saxon brotherhood, should not, in our opinion, be allowed to pass unnoticed. Should your excellency consider it advisable to convey our thanks to the proper authorities at Washington, we shall feel we have done at least a little to requite Mr. Greener’s kindness.

We have the honor to remain your excellency’s humble and obedient servant,

  • James A. Greig, F. R. C. S., Ed.
  • William Miskelly, M. A.
  • D. L. Fisher, M. B. C. M.
  • Fred W. S. O’Neill, M. A.