Memorandum handed to Mr. Adee by Mr. Wu.

Cablegram dated August 19 from Viceroy Li Hung Chang, teas transmitted by the Chinese minister in London and received by Minister Wu on the night of the same day.

It was the declaration of all the ministers for foreign affairs of the great powers that the expedition of the allied troops was solely for the rescue of the ministers in Pekin. Now, the allied troops having entered Pekin and found all the ministers safe, it seems proper that hostilities should at once cease and that negotiations should commence. I therefore request the United States Government to appoint an envoy with full powers or appoint the minister now in Pekin for the purpose, as he is necessarily acquainted with the affairs between Chinese and foreigners, and to inform me if the conference will take place in Pekin. After receipt of a definite reply, I will at once proceed to the north. Please request the Secretary of State to lay the matter before His Excellency the President. I await reply.