Memorandum handed to the Chinese minister August 8, 1900.

We are availing ourselves of the opportunity offered by the Imperial edict of the 5th of August allowing to the foreign ministers free communication with their respective governments in cipher, and have sent a communication to Minister Conger, to which we await an answer.

We are already advised by him, in a brief dispatch received August 7, that Imperial troops are firing daily upon the ministers in Pekin. We demand the immediate cessation of hostile attacks by Imperial troops upon the legations and urge the exercise of every power and energy of the Imperial Government for the protection of the legations and all foreigners therein.

We are also advised by the same dispatch from Minister Conger that, in his opinion, for the foreign ministers to leave Pekin as proposed in the edict of August 2 would be certain death. In view of the fact that the Imperial troops are now firing upon the legations, and in view of the doubt expressed by the Imperial Government in its edict of August 2 as to its power to restore order and secure absolute safety in Pekin, it is evident that this apprehension is well founded, for if your Government can not protect our minister in Pekin, it will presumptively be unable to protect him upon a journey from Pekin to the coast.

We therefore urge upon the Imperial Government that it shall adopt the course suggested in the third clause of the letter of the President to His Majesty the Emperor of China, of July 23, 1900, and enter into communication with the relief expedition, so that cooperation may be secured between them for the liberation of the legations, the protection of foreigners, and the restoration of order. Such action on the part of the Imperial Government would be a satisfactory demonstration of its friendliness and desire to attain these ends.

Alvey A. Adee,
Acting Secretary.