Mr. Rockhill to the Secretary of State.


(Mr. Rockhill reports his arrival on the 15th instant. The viceroy inquires whether the United States would accept removal of personages guilty of present troubles, their names to be specified by the powers, to a place where it would be impossible for them to participate in the government of the country or to influence the Imperial Government, this to be done without prejudice, their punishment to be settled later, and proof of complete isolation to be satisfactory to the powers, as an indication of the ability and willingness of the Imperial Government to restore order and agree to open negotiations with plenipotentiaries now appointed. Viceroy asks that United States strongly urge acceptance of other powers on this being done, if acceptable. Viceroy’s opinion is that this will expedite negotiations. He requests a reply to this suggestion. He is associated as negotiator with Ching and Li and Viceroy Nankin.

Mr. Rockhill will be in Shanghai Saturday.)