Mr. Rockhill to Mr. Hay.

No. 9.]

Sir: As of possible interest to the Department, I have the honor to inclose herewith clippings from the North China Daily News of October 1, 1900, publishing translations of imperial decree granting imperial funeral sacrifices in honor of the late Baron von Ketteler, commanding Yu Hsien, governor of Shansi, to resign, and appointing Hsi Liang, provincial treasurer of Hunan, to succeed him; promoting Wang Pei-yu, governor of Peking, to be director of the court of sacrificial worship, and appointing Ch’en K’uei-lung to be governor of Peking.

I have the honor to be, etc.,

W. W. Rockhill,
United States Commissioner.
[Inclosure 1.]

Imperial decrees 25th September.

imperial funeral sacrifices granted the late baron von ketteler.

(1) We have already expressed our deep regret and sympathy for the death of the late Baron von Ketteler, minister of the great German Empire to this court at the time of his murder by soldiers in Pekin. Now as we recall to mind the urbanity, [Page 210] courtesy, and firmness of the late minister in his relation with our Government ever since his arrival in China, we feel all the more the loss we have suffered from his premature death, and we therefore hereby bestow upon him an Imperial funeral sacrifice before the remains, and command the Grand Secretary K’un Kang (Manchu) to proceed on date of his receipt of this decree at once to perform the said Imperial funeral sacrifices and to pour out a libation before the remains on our behalf. Furthermore, when the late Baron von Ketoeler’s coffin is started on its way to his native country we hereby command the viceroys of Chihli and the Liangkiang provinces, in their capacity of Imperial commissioners of the Peiyang and Nanyang administration, to take all precautions for the safe transportation of the said remains through their respective jurisdictions; and, finally, when the late minister’s remains shall have reached Germany, we further command Lu Hai-huan, junior vice-president of the board of revenue and our minister to the court of Berlin, to proceed forthwith and perform another Imperial funeral sacrifice before the said remains, pouring forth a libation on our behalf, as a true mark of our constant desire never to forget the duties we owe to a friendly State.

[Inclosure 2.]

Imperial decree of 26th September.

[From the North China Daily News.]

Yü Hsien, governor of Shansi, is hereby commanded to resign his post and await further appointment from the Throne. Hsi Liang (Manchu), provincial treasurer of. Hunan, is hereby promoted to be governor of Shansi. [Note.—Hsi Liang was one of the first high provincial officials who led troops to “rescue the Empress Dowager,” and is a man very similar in character to the notorious Yü Hsien, whom he now succeeds.—Translator.]

Imperial, decree.

Wang Pei-yu, governor of Pekin, is promoted director of the court of sacrificial worship and Ch’en K’nei-lung is appointed governor of Pekin in his stead.