Mr. Conger to Mr. Hay

[Telegram.—Paraphrase received, via Taku, September 6, 1900.]

(Mr. Conger reports that Department’s telegram, containing reply to Earl Li, has been received and communicated to his colleagues. He is ignorant of circular of July 3. Suggests that a commissioner with full powers be ready as soon as authorized representatives of Chinese Government appear. Earl Li’s early arrival is probable and Prince Ching is expected in a few days. First of all, the chief patrons and leaders of the Boxers must be punished. The best possible government should then be established as quick as possible, with proper foreign supervision. Important that China should give sufficient assurance of peace and order for the future, and guarantee for payment of indemnities. * * *

There are now here 30,000 troops. If they remain this winter famine will ensue. Military occupation by so many powers is creating irreparable devastation and bringing terrible punishment upon innocent people, and if long continued will arouse among the people such hatred as will render the situation very difficult and induce uprising against all foreigners in peaceable provinces.)