Mr. Hill to Mr. Conger.

No. 281.]

Sir: I confirm on the overleaf the Department’s telegram to you of the 21st instant in regard to protection to Swedish and Norwegian missionaries attached to American missions, and inclose for your information translation of a note from the chargé d’ affaires ad interim of Sweden and Norway at this capital.

I am, etc.,

David J. Hill,
Acting Secretary.

Mr. G. de Strode to Mr. Hay.

Mr. Secretary of State: A certain number of the Swedish and Norwegians who are propagating the Christian religion in China are attached to American Associations for the Propagation of the Faith, amongst others the “Evangelical Alliance Mission,” of New York, and the “Christian Missionary Alliance,” under the direction of Dr. Simpson, at Boston or New York.

In order to insure, as far as practicable, their safety in the midst of the disturbances [Page 195] now prevailing in China, it would be very desirable to know the names of the missionaries and those of the places in which they are stationed.

In obedience to orders received from my Government, I have the honor to apply for the intercession of your excellency and to beg that you will lend your good offices near the aforesaid associations in view of obtaining the above-indicated information.

I venture at the same time to express to your excellency how thankful the King’s Government would be if the Government of the United States should see no objection to instruct its military and naval forces in China, charged with the protection of American missionaries, to extend to Swedish and Norwegian missionaries, whose labors are under the direction of American associations, the benefits of such protection.

Receive, Mr. Secretary of State, the assurance of my most respectful consideration.

G. de Strale.