Mr. Conger to Secretary of State.


[Received through Chinese minister August 16, 1900, date of sending lost in transmission.]

(Mr. Conger reports that since June 20 they have been imprisoned and completely besieged by the Imperial army, Jung Lu having command. Continued artillery and rifle firing until July 17; only rifle firing since, but daily; with frequent desperate attacks, one last night. Losses have already been reported. Possesses conclusive evidence of determined purpose to exterminate all foreigners and native Christians. Thousands of the latter have been massacred. French, Italian, Belgian, Austrian, and Dutch legations, as well as all other foreign property in Pekin, destroyed. All pretense of aid or protection wholly false. Several attempts have been made to lead them into ambush. Dr. Inglis’s child is dead. Marines Fisher, Fanning, King, Kenney, Thomas, Turner, and Tutcher killed. All other Americans alive.

Requests that Alta and Secretary Ryan be informed.

Hope is given them by the nearing of the allied forces.)

[The foregoing telegram is in reply to the Department’s instruction of July 21, sent through Chinese minister.]