Mr. Cambon to Mr. Day.


Mr. Secretary of State: The wife of Commander Guevedo, captain of the Spanish packet boat Panama, captured by the Federal fleet and now actually detained at Key West, solicits my Government to obtain for her authority to correspond with her husband, about whom she is without news.

Likewise, the minister of colonies informs me of the desire, which has been expressed to him by interested families, to have news of the health and situation of the crew of this boat. I should be greatly obliged to you to be able to authorize the commander to address to his family and to receive from it, through the medium of this embassay, open correspondence, and to be able to accord the same favors which were extended to the crew of the Buena Ventura.

I recommend likewise to the kind consideration of the Department of State the request of the families of the crew and of the passengers of the Panama, begging it to put me, if possible, in a situation to reply to the proper requests made by them.

Be pleased to accept, etc.,

Jules Cambon.