Mr. Sherman to Count Vinci.

No. 309.]

Sir: By a note, dated February 2 last, the royal minister of foreign affairs at Rome advised the embassy of the United States that the minister of commerce had, on January 28 last, issued a circular abolishing the Italian consular visé required for American sanitary certificates accompanying exports of swine flesh to Italy.

I have the honor to inclose a translation of that note.

From the inclosed1 correspondence between the Armour Packing [Page 421]Company and the Italian consular agent at Kansas City, it would seem that the latter had received no instructions in the case, as he still insists that the consular visé must be affixed to the certificate and charges therefor.

I have the honor to request that you will kindly inquire into the matter and advise the consular officer.

Accept, etc.,

John Sherman.
  1. Not printed.