Mr. Adee to Mr. White.

No. 863.]

Sir: I have to apprise you of the receipt of a dispatch from the consul of the United States at Manila, of August 2, 1898, announcing the death of the Hon; E. H. Rawson-Walker, Her Britannic Majesty’s consul at Manila, who during the recent war with Spain was temporarily placed in charge of American interests there. Mr. Williams remarks:

From my dispatches, as from those since sent by Rear-Admiral Dewey, you have information as to the kindly and painstaking manner with which the late lamented Consul Walker discharged his delicate duties as your representative after my departure from Manila, and now that death has too early sealed his lips, I wish to add words of highest praise of his services to our cause and of deepest regret, personal and official, over his death.

I wish to unite hereto an expression of the Department’s regret at the death of Mr. Rawson-Walker, whose services on behalf of American interests during the brief period they were in his charge were highly satisfactory, and as such are greatly appreciated.

[Page 377]

You will make suitable communication hereof to Her Britannic Majesty’s Government through the foreign office.

Respectfully, yours.,

Alvey A. Adee,
Acting Secretary.