Mr. Conger to Mr. Hay.

No. 120.]

Sir: I have the honor to inclose to you a list of the members of the grand council, the Tsung-li Yamên, and of the six boards, which make up the central Government of China.

The list has been prepared with considerable care, especially as to the spelling of the Chinese names.

I have, etc.,

E. H. Conger.
[Inclosure in No. 120.]

Chinese official list.

Grand council or cabinet, seven members, four Manchu and three Chinese, arranged in order of precedence:

President.—(1) Prince Li (Manchu), hereditary prince, a distant branch of the Imperial family.

Members.—(2) Jung Lu (Manchu), a grand secretary of state, supervisor of board of war, commander in chief of the northern armies, member of the Tsung-li Yamên, ex-viceroy of Province of Chihli, ex-military governor of Peking. (3) Kang Yi (Manchu), junior grand secretary of state, president of board of war, ex-president of board of punishments, ex-governor of Provinces of Shansi, Kiang, and Kwangtung. (4) Wang Wen-shao (Chinese), of Chekiang Province, president of board of revenue, member of Tsung-li Yamên, commissioner of railway and mining bureau, ex-viceroy Provinces of Yunnan and Kuei-cheu, ex-viceroy Province ot Chihli. (5) Chi Hsiu (Manchu), president of board of ceremonies, president of household office. (6) Ch’ien Ying-p’u (Chinese of Chekiang), president of board of works, ex-president of censorate. (7) Liao Shou-heng (Chinese of Province of Kiangsu), junior guardian of heir apparent, president of board of ceremonies, member of the Tsung-li Yamên, ex-president of board of punishments.

The Tsung-li Yamên (foreign office), ten members, six Chinese and four Manchus, arranged in order of precedence:

Presidents.—(1) Prince Ch’ing (Manchu), lord chamberlain of the Imperial court, commandant of the Peking field force.

Members.—(2) Wang Wen-shao member of grand council. (3) Liao Shou-heng member of grand council. (4) Ch’ung Li (Manchu), junior guardian of the heir apparent, president of the board of punishments, military governor of Peking. (5) Chao Shu-ch’iao (Chinese), president of board of punishments, commissioner of railway and mining bureau. (6) Hsu Yung-e (Chinese), vice-president of board of civil office. (7) Hsü Ching-ch’eng (Chinese), vice-president of board of works, ex-minister to Germany and Russia. (8) Yuan Ch’ang (Chinese), ex-treasurer, Nankin. (9) Kuei Ch’un (Manchu), ex-provincial judge, Kansu; ex-taotai of grain transport, Shantung. (10) Lien Yuan (Manchu), ex-provincial judge, An-hui.

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In addition to the above members there is a staff of 4 chief secretaries, 4 assistant secretaries, 9 secretaries in the bureau for Great Britain, 12 in the bureau for France, 12 in the bureau for Russia, 12 in the bureau for the United States, 7 in the coast-defense office, and various others, making a total staff, with official rank, of 79.

The six boards in order of precedence:

the board of civil office.

  • Presidents, senior.—Hsi Ching, Manchu; Sun Chia-nai, Chinese.
  • Vice-presidents.—Ch’ung Kuang, Hsü Yung-e.
  • Junior vice-presidents.— P’u Shan, Hsü Hui-feng.

the board of revenue.

  • Presidents.—Ching Hsin, Manchu; Wang Wen-shao, Chinese.
  • Senior vice-presidents.—Li Shan, Manchu; Wu Shu-mei, Chinese; Tseng Kuang Han (acting).
  • Junior vice-presidents.—P’u Liang, Manchu; Ch’en Hsueh-fen, Chinese.

the board of ceremonies.

  • Presidents.—Chi Hsiu, Manchu; Liao Shon-heng, Chinese.
  • Senior vice-presidents.—Kuo P’u T’ung Wu, Manchu; Wang Hsi Fan (acting).
  • Junior vice-presidents.—Sa Lien, Manchu; Tang Ching-ch’ung, Chinese.

the board of war.

  • Presidents.—Kang Yi, Manchu; Hsü P’u, Chinese.
  • Senior vice-presidents.— Jung Hui, Manchu; Hsü Hui-feng, Chinese (acting).
  • Junior vice-presidents.—Wen Chih, Manchu; Shou Ch’ang, Manchu.

the board of punishments.

  • Presidents.—Ch’ung Li, Manchu; Shu-ch’iao, Chinese.
  • Senior vice-presidents.—A-k’o-tan, Manchu; Li Pei-yuan, Chinese.
  • Junior vice-presidents.—K’un Hsui, Manchu; Liang Chung-heng, Chinese.

the board of works.

  • Presidents.—Sung Kuei, Manchu; Ying-p’u, Chinese; Hsu Shu ming (acting).
  • Senior vice-presidents.—Feng Ming, Manchu; Hsu Ching-ch’eng, Chinese.
  • Junior vice-presidents.—Ying Nien, Manchu; Yang Ju, Chinese.

In addition to the presidents, etc., there is a staff of 144 secretaries, 185 under secretaries, 163 assistant secretaries, and 553 clerks, making a total staff of the six boards, with official rank, of 1,081, besides about 1,000 clerks and copyists without rank.