Señor du Bosc to Mr. Sherman.


Mr. Secretary: The alcalde of Habana, in a telegram which I have just received, expresses himself to me as follows:

The ayuntamiento has adopted the following resolution: “The catastrophe that has destroyed the cruiser Maine has most painfully smitten all hearts. The city of Habana offers to the American people the testimony of its grief, and asks the sad privilege of caring for the wounded and giving sepulchre to the dead. The ayuntamiento begs that there be transmitted to the President of the United States an expression of the heavy grief that weighs upon the city of Habana.

The Alcalde,

Marquis Esteban.

I have the honor to transmit the foregoing to you, with the request that, if you think proper, you will bring it to the knowledge of the President.

I avail, etc.,

Juan du Bosc.