Mr. Day to Señor du Bosc.

No. 359.]

Sir: I have the honor to acknowledge the receipt of the note of this day’s date, handed to me by you this morning, in which, being charged thereto by the Government of His Majesty, the King, you transmit the expression of the profound sorrow of the Spanish Government by reason of the catastrophe which has occurred on the United States war vessel Maine lying in the bay of Habana.

I have lost no time in telegraphing to the United States minister at Madrid, informing him of the communication you have thus made and instructing him to convey to His Majesty’s Government the deep appreciation here felt because of the tribute so paid to the memory of the many who perished in the destruction of the Maine, and of this manifestation of the sympathy of your Government with the American people in their grief.

Accept, etc.,

William R. Day,
Acting Secretary.