Mr. Merry to Mr. Hay.

No. 175.]

Sir: Respectfully referring to my No. 174, dated 1st instant, I have the honor to advise that the Government of Costa Rica has officially recognized the Regalado anti-Federal Government of Salvador. Guatemala has not, so far as I am advised, taken like action, but is expected to do so soon. I have inclosed herewith telegram just received from Hon. Erasmo Calderon, minister of foreign affairs of the newly habilitated Republic of Nicaragua, which is self explanatory, and follows the proclamation of President Zelaya, dated November 30, announcing the [Page 173] resumption of her sovereignty as a Republic. I have already advised that the Government of Honduras has recognized the new Government of Salvador.

I have, etc.,

William Lawrence Merry,
United States Minister.
[Inclosure in No. 175.]
[Telegram deposited in Palace Managua, December 11, 1898, at 6.20 p.m. Received in San Jose December 2, 1898, at 3 p.m.]

United States Minister: I have the honor to advise your excellency that by decree of my Government of this date Nicaragua has assumed the full sovereignty of a free and independent Republic, through the dissolution of the Federal Republic of the United States of Central America, to which it belonged, the ministry of foreign relations being reestablished. In communicating to your excellency the foregoing I have also the satisfaction of advising you that I have taken charge of that important post by disposition of the President, and that in it I will second the decided intention of my Government to continue cultivating with that of your excellency the most frank and cordial relations for the mutual interest of both countries. While I may be at the head of such an important department I shall have the pleasure of maintaining the most sincere friendship with your excellency.

With all consideration, your excellency’s most attentive, sincere servant,

Erasmo Calderon.