Mr. Day to Señor du Bosc.

No. 362.]

Sir: I have the honor to acknowledge the receipt of your note of to-day’s date in which you inform this Department that the Governor-General of the island of Cuba has charged you, by a telegram which you [Page 1031] had just received, to cause to be brought to the knowledge of the President of the United States, the sincere and respectful expression of condolence which the insular government, met in session under his presidency, has resolved to address to the President by reason of the terrible catastrophe caused by the destruction of the ironclad Maine, in which a great number of citizens and seamen of this nation perished. You further communicate General Blanco’s regret that the port of Habana should have been the witness of so great a disaster.

The United States consul-general at Habana has been instructed to express the appreciation of this Government of the condolence and sympathy thus manifested.

Accept, etc.,

William R. Day,
Acting Secretary.