Señor du Bosc to Mr. Sherman.

No. 13.]

Mr. Secretary: The Governor-General of the island of Cuba has, by a telegram which I have just received, charged me to cause to be brought to the knowledge of the President of the United States the sincere and respectful expression of condolence which the insular government, met in session under his presidency, has resolved to address to the President by reason of the terrible catastrophe caused by the destruction of the ironclad Maine, in which a great number of citizens and seamen of your nation perished.

General Blanco states to me at the same time how earnestly he deplores the circumstances that the port of Habana should have been the hospitable witness of so great a disaster.

In begging your excellency to be pleased to bring these communications of sympathy to the attention of the President, I avail myself of this occasion to reiterate the assurance of my highest consideration.

Juan du Bosc.

General Blanco to Señor du Bosc .


In to-day’s session of the insular government under my presidency, it was resolved to direct through your excellency a respectful and feeling manifestation of condolence to the President of the United States for the terrible catastrophe which resulted in the destruction of the cruiser Maine, causing the death of a large number of citizens and sailors of that nation. In accordance with this resolution I request your excellency to pray the President of the United States to accept the condolence which I send, deploring as I do that this hospitable port should witness such a great misfortune for the American Navy.