No. 55.
Mr. Jarvis to Mr. Bayard.

No. 114.]

Sir: Supposing that you will receive the news with interest and pleasure, I write to inform you of the better and more peaceful relations between Brazil and the Argentine Republic.

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It has been for some years an open secret that, while the diplomatic relations between the two countries were pleasant enough, there was, in fact, existing a spirit of jealousy and ill-feeling that was liable to serious results. One cause of irritation and apprehension was a question of boundary between the remoter sections of the two countries. Happily that question has been substantially adjusted by a mixed commission.

Another question that was a great source of vexation and complaint was the difficult matter of quarantine. It was charged that the Argentine authorities quarantined ships coming from Rio de Janeiro in the yellow-fever season upon a mere pretext, and often when there was in fact no necessity for it; and that this pretext was often made use of to inflict injury upon Brazilian commerce and interests. On the other hand, it was charged that the Brazilian authorities quarantined ships coming from the River Plate in the cholera season from like motives, and that the quarantine had been kept up long after the danger had ceased, when it was justified in the beginning. These charges and counter charges, whether groundless or not, irritated the public mind and threatened the prosperity and peace of the two countries. In the first half of this year a considerable injury was inflicted upon one of the great interests of the Argentine and Uruguay Republics by the prolonged prohibition of the importation of dried beef (carne secca) from the River Plate into Brazil; and the press and people of those countries gave out violent declarations against the Brazilian authorities. Of course I express no opinion as to the justification in the one case or -the other; but I am happy to inform you that the three countries have come to a better understanding on this vexed question.

For two months or more negotiations have been going on between representatives of Brazil, the Argentine Republic, and the Uruguay Republic, in this city, looking to the execution of a sanitary convention between these three countries, which will hereafter regulate all these perplexing questions. The treaty has not yet been signed, but I am informed that there is a general agreement among the representatives of the three powers, and that it will be executed at no distant day.

While I have never officiously obtruded my opinions or suggestions upon any one, I have not failed to avail myself of all opportune occasions to suggest a peaceful adjustment of all conflicting questions among these South American countries. These countries have great resources, and with peace at home and abroad, and with good government, they have a future of great prosperity before them. I do not mean to intimate that my opinions or suggestions have had any influence, and I only refer to the matter that you may be informed of my general course of conduct and intercourse among those with whom I come in contact.

I have, etc.,

Thos. J. Jarvis.