No. 54.
Mr. Jarvis to Mr. Bayard.

No. 112.]

Sir: In reply to your No. 70, of the 5th of September, 1887, I have to report that the agent of the Pedro Segundo Telegraph and Cable Company, Dr. Orville A. Derby, made a formal application to the Imperial Government for an extension of one year in which to complete and open the proposed line. I also addressed a note to the minister for foreign affairs calling his attention to the matter, and asking his kind offices in giving the company the time requested. An extension of six months was promptly given, and, upon representations made to the Government as to the necessity of still further time, the minister for foreign affairs has addressed me a note giving an assurance of another six months for completion if the company shows that its failure to complete the work within the present extension was no fault of the company. I inclose you a copy and translation of this note; and I beg to express the earnest hope that the company will go forward with the actual construction and submersion of the cable. If so, I think I can safely say the Government of Brazil will be liberal with the company as to future necessary extensions.

I have, etc.,

Thos. J. Jarvis.
[Inclosure in No. 112.—Translation.]

Mr. de Cotegipe to Mr. Jarvis.

In addition to my note of the 16th of September last, I have the honor to inform Mr. T. J. Jarvis, envoy extraordinary and minister plenipotentiary of the United States of America, that the department of agriculture, commerce, and public works has just stated to me that, by decree No. 9872 of the 17th of last month, there was extended for six months more the term prescribed to the Pedro the Second American Telegraph and Cable Company for the submersion of the submarine cable, and that there can be granted only six additional months for the completion of the works, if the company shows that it has not been able to complete them within the term now granted on account of main force.

I take the opportunity, etc.,

B. de Cotegipe.