No. 351.
Mr. McLane to Mr. Bayard.

No. 505.]

Sir: I have the honor to transmit herewith a bronze medal which the committee of the Bartholdi statue had struck in honor of the President to commemorate his participation in the inauguration of the Statue of Liberty last year at New York. The medal is accompanied by a letter addressed to the President and signed by M. de Lesseps, who is the president of the committee. I also inclose a translation of the same.

I have, etc.,

Robert M. McLane.
[Inclosure in No. 505.]

M. de Lesseps to the President of the United States.

Mr. President: The Frenchmen who were present in October, 1886, at the inauguration of the Statue of Liberty at New York saw in your presence on that solemn occasion a precious proof of the sympathy of the United States for their country.

Wishing to perpetuate the memory of it, the members of the French delegation and those of the Fran co-American Union have caused a medal to be struck, and they have the honor to beg you to accept the first impression of it, which they have handed to the honorable Robert McLane, minister of the United States in France, on the occasion of the first anniversary dinner, which they have just celebrated at Paris.

Permit us Mr. President, to hope for a favorable reception by the first Magistrate of the great and friendly Republic of this mark of our profound gratitude.

Ct. Ferd. de Lesseps.