No. 309.
Mr. Pak Chung Yang to Mr. Bayard.


Sir: I have the honor to inform you that I have been appointed His Corean Majesty’s envoy extraordinary and minister plenipotentiary, and that I am prepared to enter upon the discharge of my duties as soon as it may please the President to grant me an audience and receive my credentials. I have, therefore, the honor to solicit an interview with you for that purpose.

With the assurance of my highest consideration,

I remain, etc.,

Pak Chung Yang.

translation of credentials.

The King of great Chosen makes’ a communication to the President of great America:

As I concluded the first treaty with your honorable country with which the friendship has ever since been close, and as it is some years since an embassy was sent to America, now to keep the intimacy and to strengthen and increase our commercial relations between the two countries permanent and without defect, I especially appoint the favorite and confidential official, Pak Chung Yang; who is vice-president of the home office and of second rank, to be accredited plenipotentiary to your honorable country, to reside at the capital to manage diplomatic affairs. I know that this official is loyal, careful, and discreet, and to be intrusted with this position. In view of this I have intrusted this communication to the envoy, to be presented in person.

Sincerely hoping the President will treat him with cordiality and give full faith and credit to what he may say in behalf of this court and also permit him on occasions to have interviews in order to deliver my assurances of true friendship, thereby insuring mutual happiness;

Hoping endless bliss for the President;

Beginning of the present dynasty of Cho-sun 496 years and of the present reign twenty-fourth year, eighth moon, seventh day. Signed at the palace of King Pak in Seoul, with seal.

Countersigned by the president of the foreign office (Cho Pyong-Sik), with seal.