No. 133.
Mr. Bayard to Mr. Roberts.

No 73.]

Sir: This Department is constantly in receipt of communications from citizens of the United States having claims against the Government of Chili, who manifest impatience at the delay that has occurred in the adjustment of their demands, They have been told that the difficulties attending the proceedings of the arbitration tribunals to which claims of the citizens and subjects of certain governments have been submitted, and the failure of those tribunals to reach a satisfactory decision on the cases before them, made it expedient for the Government of the United States to seek, even if it involved delay, a more promising basis of settlement than that which other governments had accepted and found so defective.

From recent advices it seems not improbable that at an early day (if, indeed, it has not already been done) a compromise of the claims before the arbitration tribunals will be agreed to by some or all of the governments in interest.

[Page 181]

It seems, therefore, to the Department that it would not be expects lug too much for the Chilian Government now to take into consideration the negotiation of a convention for the adjustment of the claims of citizens of the United States against that Government; and you are authorized to say that the Government of the United States regards such a measure as desirable and likely to promote the good relations of both countries.

I am, etc..

T. F. Bayard.