No. 486.
Mr. Comanos to Mr. Evarts.

No. 335.]

Sir: Referring to my dispatch No. 332 of the 1st of this month, I have the honor to inclose herewith translation of the Khedive’s decree, dated the 4th day of September, 1879, which re-establishes the control general of the receipts and expenses of the state, under the provisions of the decree of November 18, 1876, and appoints Mr. Baring (English) as controller-general of receipts, and Mons. de Blignierés (French) as auditor-general of expenses, and controller of the public debt.

The consular authorities of France and Great Britain having by order of their respective governments informed the Khedive that the latter had no other persons to propose, His Highness finally concluded to sign the decree, appointing Messrs. Baring and de Blignieres.

I have as yet received no communication from the Egyptian Government concerning the proposed commission of liquidation.

Some of the unofficial journals persist in affirming that Mr. Rivers Wilson is to come to Egypt about the middle of next October as president of the said commission, and that Mr. George Coulon, a Frencii lawyer, is to come out from Paris at about the same time to occupy some position equivalent to the one for which Mr. Wilson is designated.

I am, &c.,

[Inclosure in No. 335.—Translation.]

Decree reappointing controllers-general of the receipts and expenses of the state.

We, Khedive of Egypt:

Whereas by note of the ministry of foreign affairs, dated the 31st of March, 1879, the Egyptian Government consented to re-establish the control general of the receipts and expenses of the state upon the bases of the decree of the 18th November, 1876;

Whereas the English Government has proposed to us Mons. Baring instead of Mons. Romaine, and the French Government has proposed to us Mons. de Blignières instead of Mons. the Baron de Malaret;

Do decree and promulgate:

  • Article. I. The control general of the receipts and expenses of the state is re-established under the conditions stipulated in the decree of the 18th November, 1876.
  • Art. II. Mons. Baring is appointed controller-general of receipts.
  • Art. III. Mons. de Blignières is appointed controller-general of the “Comptabilité (i. e., the department that deals with the expenses) and of the public debt.
  • Art. IV. Our ministers of foreign affairs and of finance are intrusted, each in that which concerns him, with the execution of the present decree.

By the Khedive:

The minister of foreign affairs:
Mustafa Fahrin.

The minister of finance: