No. 468.
Mr. Maynard to Mr. Evarts.

No. 325.]

Sir: I have received from the Sublime Porte a note informing me that a small increase in customs dues for the support of schools, in the Island of Crete, is proposed, and asking me to invite the consent of the Government of the United States to the measure.

I therefore inclose a copy of the note with a translation, and await such instruction as the President may think proper to transmit.

I have, &c.,

[Inclosure in No. 325.]

Caratheodori Pasha to Mr. Maynard.

increase of customs duties to be established in crete.

Sir: By a vote just submitted for the sanction of the Sublime Porte, the Cretan national assembly has decided to assess for the maintenance of the schools of the island, a tax in addition to the customs dues of 1½ per thousand, to be collected on all imports and exports.

Although this extra assessment is contrary to the stipulations of the treaties of commerce, the imperial government not unreasonably hopes that, both on account of its moderate rate and of the end for which it is designed, the Government of the United States of America will not oppose the collection of this tax.

I consequently beg you to kindly invoke the consent of your government to the extra assessment in question.

Accept, sir, the assurance of my very distinguished consideration.