No. 466.
Mr. Heap to Mr. Evarts.

No. 10.]

Sir: A convention between Turkey and Russia was signed on Saturday last, the 8th instant.

I have not yet obtained a copy of the text of the treaty, but inclose an abstract of its provisions.

As will be noticed, the questions of the guarantees and mode of payment of the indemnity have been left for ulterior agreement, and it is apprehended that they may become a source of future trouble.

The convention does not as a whole inspire confidence in the permanent friendly relations between the two powers; but, even as a temporary measure, the signature of the treaty, and the approaching departure of the Russians, will give immense relief to the government, and permit it to give its serious attention to other pressing matters which have been too long neglected.

The stipulations regarding the evacuation of Turkish territory by the Russians are stated in a proctocol. They agree to commence withdrawing their troops in fifteen days after the treaty has been ratified by the Czar, but I have been informed at the Russian embassy that General Totleben has received orders to commence the evacuation forthwith, and that the troops were put in motion yesterday.

I am, &c.,

Chargé d’Affaires, ad interim.

Abstract of treaty between Turkey and Russia, signed at Constantinople the 8th of February, 1879, N. S.

  • Art. 1. Declares peace to be established between the two empires.
  • Art. 2. The stipulations of the treaty of San Stefano that have not been modified by the treaty of Berlin, to be carried out.
  • Art. 3. The contracting parties agree to execute in the manner following the prescriptions of the treaty of San Stefano.
  • Art. 4. The war indemnity to he paid by Turkey is fixed, after deducting the value of the territories ceded to Russia, at the sum of 802,500,000 francs, payable in gold. The terms of the payment of this indemnity, as well as the question of guarantee, to be settled later by the Sultan and the Emperor.
  • Art. 5. Agreement as to settlement of indemnity for damage suffered hy Russian subjects, which are not to exceed the sum of 26,750,000 francs in gold. These claims will be presented at the Russian embassy within one year from the signature of the treaty.
  • Art. 6. Joint commission to be appointed to fix the amount to be paid to Russia for the maintenance of prisoners of war taken from Turkey. The sum agreed upon by this commission shall be paid in seven years, and in twenty-one payments, at the end of each four months.
  • Art. 7. The inhabitants of territories ceded to Russia shall have the right to select subjection to Russia or Turkey. Those who decide for the Ottoman Empire shall be allowed to emigrate and to sell their lands, &c., within three years, after which those who have not sold their real estate shall be considered as Russian subjects.
  • Art. 8. Amnesty to Russian and Turkish subjects who assisted the enemy during the war, liberty to families to follow the Russian troops when they evacuate the territory they now occupy.
  • Art. 9. All persons in prison or under arrest in consequence of recent events in Roumelia to be set at liberty.
  • Art 10. The treaties and conventions between Russia and Turkey before the war to be restored to vigor.
  • Art. 11. Suits between Russians and Ottoman subjects to be concluded, and sentences of tribunals already given to be executed.
  • Art. 12. Ratification of the convention to be executed in two weeks from the date of its signature.