No. 439.
Mr. Sickels to Mr. Payson.

No. 121.]

Sir: I have the honor to inclose herewith copy of an address prepared by the American residents, on the occasion of the birthday of the King, for presentation to His Majesty. It was extensively signed and sent to the consulate to be forwarded.

As a literary effort this document was not a particularly elegant specimen, but as it was perfectly respectful, and, I had reason to believe, tolerably sincere, I sent it in through the proper channels.

I have further the honor to inclose originals of His Majesty’s reply to the address of the citizens, and to my own inclosing it.

I have, &c.,

United States Consul.
[Inclosure 1 in No. 121.]

Congratulatory address to the King.

We, the undersigned citizens of the United States residing in Siam, beg leave to present to His Majesty the Supreme King of Siam our congratulations on this anniversary of His Majesty’s birthday, and to offer our best wishes for his continued health and happiness and the prosperity of his kingdom.

We congratulate Your Majesty on the friendship and good will of all other nations for the Kingdom of Siam, and for the progress of civilization and improvement in this kingdom. Roads and bridges have been built to facilitate travel. Ships and steamboats have been constructed for navigating the rivers and surrounding waters. Canals have been dug for bringing timber from the forests and opening new regions of the country for cultivation. Elegant palaces have been erected for Your Majesty and the nobility. Improved buildings have been made for the market-places and the dwellings of the people, and a general air of progress apparent to recent visitors to Siam and especially to the older residents of the country.

With respectful deference we beg to suggest to Your Majesty that still higher improvements, and a pledge of still greater prosperity to Siam, might be secured by abolishing the gambling stalls, the spirit-shops, and the sale of opium.

We renew our congratulations for Your Majesty’s good health, wise government, and prosperous reign, and pledge our prayers for your continued happiness, and growing kingdom.

(Signed by William Dean and twenty-eight others.)

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[Inclosure 2 in No. 121.—Translation.]

To David B. Sickels,
United States Consul:

Your letter of congratulations, and also inclosing the congratulations of the American citizens residing in Siam, we have received with pleasure. The answer to the congratulations of the American citizens we inclose in this cover also.

We now beg to answer you personally. In your letter you show your good will to us personally, and also invoke a blessing for our future prosperity. We thank you very much, and hope that you will remain in Bangkok many more years, far beyond the time you yourself have set to leave. We invoke a blessing for your future prosperity in all things.

[Inclosure 3 in No. 121.—Translation.]

To the American citizens who reside in Siam:

You have been the source of joy to us on account of your words of encouragement in regard to the prosperity of Siam, and that you believe that we will administer the affairs of the nation so as to insure its prosperity. Your congratulations give me great pleasure. We beg to inform you that ever since we attained to the kingdom we have had the best interests of Siam constantly in mind, which is a country built up by the strength of our ancestors. We have also had it as our constant care to preserve those treaty relations with foreign powers which our father in his wisdom entered into. We hope to have the treaty relations constantly prosper.

In regard to those things which you advise me are evils to the people, we beg to inform you that we have seen those evils and think continually that we may be able to change them. It is a work which must be done, but cannot yet be done, and must be postponed, but, though postponed, we are thinking constantly that these evils are a matter which we shall regulate in future.

We thank you all that you have thought of the affairs of our country, and have thought of ourself, also invoking a blessing upon us. We pray that the thing which is great in the universe will grant you all to live in our country in peace and prosperity.