No. 438.
Mr. Evarts to Mr. Sickels.

No. 53.]

Sir: Referring to your dispatches Nos. 103 and 111, in relation to the proposed visit to the United States of an embassy from His Majesty the King of Siam, I have to instruct you to take occasion to say to the government of His Majesty that the President has received with pleasure the information that an embassy is proposed; and you are further authorized to assure the Siamese Government, that it will give the Government of the United States great satisfaction to receive the embassy, in the belief that it will tend to develop international commerce and good feeling between the two countries; and that, with a view to that end, the President will call the attention of Congress to the subject at the coming session. For your own information I have to say to you, as it is supposed, in view of the past history of the Siamese embassies to [Page 931] Great Britain and France, that it will require some unusual expense not now provided for by law (presents, transportation on national ships, &c.), that it would not be practicable to receive the embassy as they would expect to be received without an appropriation by Congress, as was made in the case of the first Japanese embassy.

The matter, however, will be laid before the proper committee, and no doubt is entertained that a suitable appropriation will be made.

Whenever assured in this respect, you will be informed by telegraph, in order that you may advise the Siamese Government as to the time when we shall be able to receive them.

This delay, of a few months, will, however, enable the government to send a ship of war to Bangkok, to receive the embassy and bring them to the United States, as was done by Great Britain and France.

I am, &c.,