No. 399.
Mr. Evarts to Mr. Christiancy.

No. 24.]

Sir: I transmit herewith, for your information, copy of an instruction addressed by this Department on the 23d instant to Mr. Pettis, the United States minister resident and consul-general at La Paz, Bolivia, in relation to the intimation lately received through British official channels that the issuance of letters of marque had been decreed by the Bolivian Government, and that agents thereof were already on their way to the United States. A copy of the circular published by the Treasury Department on the 21st instant, addressed to collectors of customs and others whom it may concern, touching the observance of the neutrality laws of the United States, is inclosed.

In the fortunate absence of any intimation that Peru, as the ally of Bolivia, has contemplated, or contemplates, any action which might even remotely infringe the international obligations or domestic laws of the United States, it is unnecessary to instruct you to make official communication on this subject to the minister of foreign affairs, but you may, should you deem it pertinent, intimate to him that this government is using, and proposes to use, every effort to secure the complete observance of the neutrality laws of the United States, both by their own citizens and on the part of those of the belligerent.

I am, &c.,


Note.—For instructions to Mr. Pettis and Treasury circular, see Bolivian correspondence.