No. 238.
Mr. Mathews to Mr. Evarts.

No. 245.]

Sir: I have the honor to inclose the translation of a letter addressed by the Moorish minister of foreign affairs to the foreign representatives, acquainting them that he has received an order from the Sultan to purchase a garden adjoining the Christian cemetery, and to present it to the foreign representatives, considering the want of space in the present one now in use.

I have, &c.,


Letter addressed to each of the representatives of foreign powers, residing at Tangier, by the Moorish minister of foreign affairs, dated the 17th Kajeb 1294 (27 July, 1877).

(After the usual compliments) I have made my lord (whom may God protect) acquainted with the small limits of the present Christian burial-ground near Tangier.

My master (whom may God glorify) has given royal order to procure the piece of land adjoining said burial-ground from its present proprietors, by the name Bogeloon, and to place the same at your disposal and possession.

With the will of God, peace and friendship.