No. 18.
Mr. Beale to Mr. Fish.

No. 15.]

Sir: I have received from the minister for foreign affairs a circular note, communicating the existing regulation in this empire bearing upon the deportment and salutes to be exhibited and tendered towards members of the army of other countries who may appear in military uniform, under the condition, however, that reciprocal attention shall be observed in those countries towards members of the Austro-Hungarian army. I am requested to submit this fact to the knowledge of the United States government, and accordingly append a copy of the note, which is in the French language, together with a translation.

I have, &c.,


note verbal.

According to the regulation introduced into the Austro-Hungarian array, and sanctioned by His Majesty the Emperor and King, all the members of the armed forces appear in uniform whether at home or abroad; then the sentinels and guards are required to render to the troops, flags, and military of other powers, without exception, the same honors as to the troops, flags, and military of the said army.

It is further the duty of the imperial and royal military officials, who may be abroad on leave of absence, and who desire there to wear their uniforms, that they present themselves before the military authorities of the station where they are passing their leave of absence.

While adding, that the regulation of courtesy in question has been enacted upon condition of reciprocity, the imperial-royal ministry for foreign affairs begs to request the legation of the United States of America to be pleased to convey the foregoing to the knowledge of its government.