No. 49.
Mr. Shannon to Mr. Fish.

No. 139.]

Sir: I lately received from the Viscount de Caravellas, minister for foreign affairs, an official note, under flying seal, directed to Mr. Partridge, accompanied by the request that I would forward it to him at once, wherever he might be.

As that note conveyed the thanks of His Imperial Majesty the Emperor [Page 73] for the very important service lately rendered by Mr. Partridge as arbitrator in the case of the Dundonald reclamation, as well as the official announcement that this government acquiesced in the award, I thought it desirable to make a translation of it for the information of the Department before forwarding it to its destination. That translation is appended to this dispatch.

During my conferences with the Viscount de Caravellas, I have had frequent proofs of the high appreciation entertained of the service thus rendered by our envoy at this court.

I have, &c.,


Viscount de Caravellas to Mr. Partridge.

I had the honor to receive the note which was sent me on the 6th instant by Hon. James R. Partridge, envoy extraordinary and minister plenipotentiary of the United States of America, and Baron A. Cavalchini, envoy extraordinary and minister plenipotentiary of His Majesty the King of Italy, transmitting one of the original copies, written in French, of the sentence lately passed by them, as arbitrators, upon the claim of Earl Dundonald; also advising me that they had on the same day forwarded the other original, written in English, to Mr. Buckley Mathew, Her Britannic Majesty’s minister at this court.

His Imperial Majesty the Emperor, my august sovereign, to whom I made known this communication, orders me, in his name and the name of his government, to cordially thank Mr. Partridge for the promptness and good will with which he performed the service of arbitrator in this question, and to assure him that the terms of the sentence will be strictly carried out.

Thus obeying so much of the imperial order as refers to Mr. Partridge, I will only add, that I have also addressed a note, couched in similar terms, to Baron Cavalchini.