No. 391.
Mr. Marsh to Mr. Fish.

No. 489.]

Sir: The twenty-fifth anniversary of the accession of His Majesty, King Victor Emanuel II, to the throne of Italy occurred yesterday, the 23d of the month.

The chiefs of mission accredited to this court were received by the King individually, and not in a body, on the 22d, but as the audience was not public there was no joint action, and no formal address by the diplomatic corps. Some of the ministers had been instructed by telegraph or otherwise to convey to His Majesty the congratulations of their governments, but in general the ceremony was limited to the expression of the personal sentiments of the ministers, including, of course, assurances of the friendly sympathy of their respective governments and people.

On the 23d instant the King received deputations of congratulation from the two chambers of Parliament, from all the great bodies of state, from the army, from the provinces, and from the principal municipalities of the kingdom. There was a more than usual manifestation of feeling among all parties, and the evidence of the personal popularity of His Majesty, and of general satisfaction with the administration of his government, were as strong as ceremonial assurances accompanied with every token of real sincerity could make them.

I am, &c.,