No. 390.
Mr. Marsh to Mr. Fish.

No. 486.]

Sir: According to the usual custom of this court, the chiefs of mission accredited to the King of Italy have been individually received to [Page 628] day, the last day of the year, by His Majesty and by their royal highnesses the Prince and Princess of Piedmont. The King, in his usual gracious manner, desired me to communicate to the President his best wishes for his personal and official prosperity, and for the continued enjoyment of peace and plenty by the people of the United States.

Similar sentiments were expressed by their royal highnesses, the Prince and Princess of Piedmont$ and I have no doubt that all these assurances of good will are entirely sincere.

I beg to be allowed to add my humble congratulations and best wishes for the President, his constitutional advisers, and the citizens of our country, which has been so signally prospered under their administration.

I have, &c.,