No. 354.
Mr. Read to Mr. Fish.

No. 25.]

Sir: Referring to my No. 20, of the 3d instant, I have the honor to state that Mr. Deligeorges was unable to form a ministry. On the 4th instant Mr. Bulgaris was requested by the King to continue to act until the question was solved. On the 6th instant His Majesty desired Mr. Bulgaris and the other members of the cabinet to remain in office, and the sovereign promised to support them by granting a dissolution of the chamber.

In the sitting of the 8th instant the government asked a credit for the expenses of four months; but some excitement seemed to exist in the chamber, and various deputies began to speak upon other topics, especially concerning the cause of the long ministerial crisis. The debate was cut short by the decree of dissolution, which was read in the tribune by Mr. Bulgaris.

The elections will commence on the 5th of July. Parliament will meet by decree on the 6th of August. But as that is the period of the harvest, it is not probable that a quorum will be present. It is the general opinion that the chamber will not commence its routine business before the middle of October.

The several members of the cabinet retain their portfolios, except that it is said that Colonel Grivas will succeed Colonel Tringhetta as minister of war, and the latter will become minister of marine.

I have, &c.,