No. 353.
Mr. Read to Mr. Fish.

No. 24.]

Sir: I have the honor to acknowledge the reception of dispatches, with inclosures from No. 1 to No. 8 inclusive, also circulars Nos. 47 and 53.

The diplomatic corps attended the imposing religious ceremonies at the cathedral on St. George’s day—the 5th instant. The King appeared in full uniform, his handsome face wearing a sad expression. The queen, always beautiful, stood by His Majesty’s side, accompanied by three of the royal children—aged, respectively, six, five and four years— who, in spite of their extreme youth, behaved with the utmost propriety.

The various ecclesiastical and court dignitaries, the high officers of the state and of the army, together with the representatives of foreign powers and the cabinet ministers, were grouped near the throne. Prominent among the latter was the venerable and distinguished prime minister, Mr. Bulgaris. He was clad in long flowing robes, trimmed with costly furs, and glittering with orders. His dark eye, his clearly cut nervous features, his long white hair and moustache, his fine, intellectual brow, and the quiet repose of his manner, lent an interest and a dignity to his whole appearance which drew many eyes to the spot where he stood.

At the close of the Te Deum the King, amid hearty cheers, returned to the palace, where he received the foreign ministers.

I have, &c.,