No. 213.
Mr. Wing to Mr. Fish.

No. 388.]

Sir: I have the honor to state that the French line of steamers on this coast has just been withdrawn for want of proper support and patronage, and because of its incapacity to cope with the existing English monopoly.

No more auspicious opportunity could well offer for the inauguration of an American steam-line from Panama to Valparaiso, covering, as it would, an ocean track and a commercial traffic which naturally and legitimately pertain to the United States.

In the event of the non-installation of such a line, I have reason to believe that there will soon be a German line on this coast.

The German line from Europe to Aspinwall has already evinced its ability to compete successfully and at remunerative figures with the long-established English steamers.

This is a subject of vast and augmenting interest to American producers, shippers, and importers, and, as such, I respectfully submit it to the consideration of the Department.

I have, &c.,