9. Telegram From the Embassy in Nicaragua to the Department of State1

6683. Subject: Soviet Disinformation: USG Caused AIDS Epidemic.

Pro-GON daily El Nuevo Diario November 1 carried a Prensa Latina story from Moscow saying that “Literaturnay Gaceta,” based partly on an article from the Indian magazine “Patriot,” had asserted that the AIDS epidemic is the result of USG-sponsored biological experiments. The article reportedly identified the “infectious disease research center of Fort Detrick, United States”2 as an entity engaged in immunological [Page 30]research—it is “known for its studies on the creation of biological weapons and experiments in . . . other countries under cover of other purposes . . . .” The article reportedly charged that the AIDS virus, according to “Patriot,” was “innoculated in blood given to sick people and ‘other tests were certainly performed in Haiti and also in certain groups of North American society.’”

  1. Source: Department of State, Central Foreign Policy File, D850784–0156. Unclassified; Immediate. Sent for information to Moscow, the U.S. Interests Section in Havana, Port au Prince, New Delhi, USCINCSO, DIA, U.S. Liaison Office Caribbean, RUEOSBA/24 COMPW/DOI, and USCINCLANT.
  2. In a January 2, 1987, information memorandum to Shultz, Abramowitz wrote that the disinformation campaign began when a “pro-Soviet newspaper in India in 1983 carried a story (we suspect placed by the Soviets) alleging that the US created AIDS as a result of research at Ft. Detrick.” (Department of State, AIDS, 1984–1987, Lot 89D137, AIDS—Sov Disinformation)