274. Memorandum From Michael A. Guhin of the National Security Council Staff to the President’s Assistant for National Security Affairs (Clark)1


  • International Population Policy and Assistance Programs

State and AID have now responded to your questions of last June on the above subject (Tab II).2

I have prepared a draft NSDD (Tab I) drawing from the response.3 In brief, the NSDD would (1) note the importance of and our continuing support for these programs, consistent with statements in summit communiques4 and by Secretary Shultz and Peter McPherson;5 and (2) make clear at the highest levels what principles would guide US programs (e.g., sensitivity to human dignity and values, freedom of choice or no coercion, and no abortion or abortion-related activities).

I believe the draft should be run by State, AID, HHS, OMB and OPD (Boggs) to ensure no objection before being forwarded for the President’s consideration. Since this is a matter that we have not addressed in detail previously, I would appreciate your review and guidance before I proceed to see if there are any objections and prepare a package for the President.


That you provide guidance on the attached draft NSDD.6

Approve as basis for proceeding as above.

Let’s discuss.

Need study directive or memo to State/AID

Send to Buckley who began exercise

Next step?

  1. Source: Reagan Library, Guhin, Michael A.: Files, Population/Studies (6). Confidential. Sent for action. A stamped notation in the upper right-hand corner reads, “SIGNED.”
  2. Not attached. Printed in Document 273.
  3. The draft NSDD is in the Reagan Library, Guhin, Michael A.: Files, 04/22/1983–04/24/1983.
  4. See footnote 2, Document 271.
  5. See Department of State, Bulletin, January 1982, pp. 82–84, and Department of State, Bulletin, March 1983, pp. 68–75.
  6. There is no indication of approval or disapproval of the first two recommendations. Following those, Clark added the last three action items and checked them all.