265. Memorandum From the Senior Assistant Administrator for Science and Technology, Agency for International Development (Brady) to the Administrator of the Agency for International Development (McPherson)1

Attached is a memorandum Dr. Speidel prepared on the question of changing the title of AID’s population program.2 He cites a number of reasons for not doing so and I agree with his conclusion that the alternative titles which come readily to mind would tend to confuse, rather than elucidate, the purposes of U.S. assistance efforts in this area. Perhaps the most significant argument in favor of keeping the “Population” title is that it permits other governments to work cooperatively with our programs on important issues that relate to family planning without committing themselves specifically or solely to the provision of such services.3

  1. Source: National Archives, RG 286, USAID/O/Admin/ExecSec, Box 48, ADM–2 (Aug–Sep) FY 81. No classification marking.
  2. In a September 15 memorandum to Brady, McPherson wrote: “I think we should seriously consider changing the name of our population efforts to Family Services. The time to do this would be in the next few weeks, probably in connection with our Congressional presentation. Let’s begin to staff-out such an idea of this name, or something else. We want to do this so as to distinguish what we are doing from any abortion-related activity.” (Ibid.)
  3. An attached September 24 memorandum from Speidel to Brady re “Proposed Change of Name for the Office of Population” is not printed.