292. Notes of a Meeting1


  • The President
  • Secretary Shultz
  • Don Regan

Where we are w/Soviets

Have process in motion comes from Geneva summit.

At this round modest progress.2 Tone more businesslike. Mvt. on substance as well.

Soviets accepted our proposal we tabulate when we agree/disagree.

Will buy 4,500 ballistic missile ceiling.

Regional dialogue—Armacost to Moscow,3 and we will probe Afghan.

P. Are we going to have a summit?

G.S. Getting to point where human rights not a block.

P. No bows or credit when they turn people loose.

G.S. Soviets want high level meeting. Want me come to Moscow. We should structure things for visit in late March or early April.4 If these productive meeting, it is a basis for summit.

G.S. Need regain initiative w/coordinated step to assert our agenda.

Clarify for Soviets and encourages them move in our direction.

We want entice them finish START and INF and accept agreement w/space compatible w/SDI going forward.

Preview INF treaty in letter to Gorbachev. Armacost set stage for visit by G.S.

President review progress, give a vision beyond 2 years and identify practical steps.

Timing should coordinate w/private initiatives.


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Nature of Speech—


1.) Reassert P. objective and program

2.) Reassure Congress and Allies P. at work and thinking of future.

Theme: Safer world

Willing to work with Soviets to accomplish.

What we achieved.

More cooperative relationship.

Gorbachev wants make improvements.

Lower risk of war.


Stanford event May 14.5 Mulroney favors. Semi-favorable out of Mexicans.

Tower report handling.6 Whatever report we can see statement we need to make. New attitude toward Iran, and then review achievements and agenda.

Timing. Say you know truth. High policy went off rails when used arms to get hostages. Want to set straight.

New NSC team in place and working.
Attitude let’s get all facts out. Facts come out.
No deals with terrorists.
Peaceful solution to Gulf war. No arms to combatants.
Join Arab friends in concern—ships in Gulf.
Iran has leg. interest. They have recognize we do too.
Don’t let charges undermine brave efforts of those who trying stop spread of Communism in Latin America.

Catastrophic, Welfare Reform, Competitiveness.

In Foreign Affairs successes to build on.

Asian relationships strong.

Soviets and we working from same agenda.

Remarkable changes in Middle East. Will have initiatives in Middle East.

Central American may be great challenge. Policy of strength and diplomacy. No second Cuba in our Hemisphere.

Prosperity without inflation in context of peace used to be a dream. If Iran can be lofty which flawed in execution and set right then go on to achievements.

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