202. Memorandum From Robert King of the National Security Council Staff to the President’s Assistant for National Security Affairs (Brzezinski)1


  • Bilateral Meetings with Romanian Officials Today

At the Vance/Andrei meeting today,2 the following issues were raised:

1. MFN Andrei expressed concern about annual renewal of the Jackson-Vanik waver. Vance said that no change in the Trade Act is possible this year, but revisions may be possible later.

2. Emigration—Romania’s record on emigration to the US and to Israel was discussed at considerable length, with Vance emphasizing the link with MFN. Andrei responded with enthusiasm (the only case of animation that I saw today) in explaining Romania’s policy. The major problem was Jewish emigration, and Andrei reaffirmed his country’s willingness to deal with the issue constructively. The discussion of emigration took up a third to half of the Vance-Andrei meeting. The issue was thoroughly discussed and more treatment of it is unnecessary. A list of outstanding cases of emigration to the US was given Andrei.

3. Export ControlsAndrei expressed concern that licensing agreements require long periods for approval and are frequently turned down. Vance agreed to expedite the issuing of decisions.

4. Credits—the Romanians expressed appreciation for our willingness to make available larger credits through the Ex-Im Bank, but expressed interest in concessionary terms. Vance indicated that we could not grant such credits because of Romania’s advanced level of development, but he agreed to look into the possibility of such credits.

5. The Rauta CaseVance met privately with Andrei following the general meeting. His intention was to raise the Rauta case, and I assume [Page 629] it was discussed. He did not plan to raise other issues. I hope to confirm tonight that Rauta was raised.3

The meetings with Ceausescu (Blumenthal, Bergland and Sid Harmon of Commerce) were largely uneventful. Bergland did a good job of explaining our global policy on agriculture but Ceausescu indicated his interest in self-sufficiency and importing US agricultural technology rather than products. Blumenthal’s meeting was a non-event. Harmon expressed the desire for increased trade and cooperation and was apologetic for our export controls and inability to grant multi-year MFN.

Bilateral issues that should be raised tomorrow. The major issue that has not come up yet is our global policy on human rights. The President should raise this, although the emigration issue has been covered and further discussion of it is unnecessary.4

  1. Source: Carter Library, National Security Affairs, Brzezinski Material, Country File, Box 66, Romania: 1/77–5/78. Confidential.
  2. The memorandum of conversation was sent to Bucharest on April 18 in telegram 98602. (National Archives, RG 59, Bureau of Intelligence and Research, Office of Analysis for the Commonwealth and Eastern Europe, Office Subject Files, 1965–1980, Lot 92D412, Box 2, Romania—Ceausescu Visit)
  3. No substantive record of the conversation between Vance and Andrei on the Rauta issue was found. Telegram 96030 to Bucharest, April 14, confirms that a private meeting took place and that “the subject, according to a note from the Secretary to Assistant Secretary Vest, was the Rauta case.” (National Archives, RG 59, Central Foreign Policy File, D780161–0599) In a memorandum to Derian for her April 12 participation in the Vance-Andrei meeting, Clifford Brody reported that “King, consistent with his view that the Rauta affair not figure in the visit at all, asked me to ask you not to raise the case in the meeting.” He continued that “King has not been helpful in transmitting our concerns till now” and that “everyone feels Vance does not know the Rauta details well-enough to advocate its solution effectively.” (National Archives, RG 59, Bureau of Human Rights and Humanitarian Affairs, Chron and Official Records of the Assistant Secretary for Human Rights and Humanitarian Affairs, Lot 85D366, Box 3, Romania)
  4. President Carter raised the issue of emigration briefly in his private meeting with President Ceausescu. See Document 203.