80. Telegram From the Department of State to the Embassy in the Soviet Union1

27089. Subject: Letter to President From Vladimir Slepak; Slepak Family Case. Ref; Moscow 422.2

1. Please inform Vladimir Slepak at appropriate occasion that his letter to the President was received with sympathy and concern. Please tell him that we have his case very much in mind and that we will try to assist Slepak family’s effort to emigrate.

2. Vladimir Slepak’s son, Alexander, and his Amcit wife, Elaine, had meetings recently in Washington with Assistant Secretary Derian3 and with officers from HA and EUR/SOV. In discussing case with Slepaks, we agreed that expression of interest in cases of mother and son, who have applied for emigration to U.S., would be useful.

3. Unless Embassy feels it would be counterproductive, Embassy is authorized to make inquiry at MFA in U.S. emigration case of Mrs. Slepak and son, Leonid, referring to their application for exit visa to U.S. based on invitation sent by Mrs. Slepak’s U.S. citizen daughter-in-law, Elaine Marie Slepak (Burrell) of 226 Verano Drive, Los Altos, California. Embassy may wish to check with Slepaks in Moscow prior to approach to MFA.

4. Please report MFA reaction to approach and continue to keep Department informed of developments in Slepak family’s case.

  1. Source: National Archives, RG 59, Central Foreign Policy File, D780049–0946. Confidential; Exdis. Drafted by Melvyn Levitsky (EUR/SOV); cleared by McCall, Curtis Kamman (S/MS), Clifford Brody (HA), King and Mathews (NSC), and Thomas G. Martin (S/S–O); approved by Luers.
  2. See Document 69.
  3. Patricia Derian, Assistant Secretary for Human Rights and Humanitarian Affairs. No record of the meeting was found.