107. Telegram From the Embassy in the Soviet Union to the Department of State1

11720. Subject: Technical Penetration of U.S. Embassy Moscow. Ref: (A) Moscow 11684, (B) Moscow 11713.2

1. We have entered the chimney and found a tunnel at the bottom. Tunnel heads 30 feet north and then turns west. Hatch entrance appears to enter Soviet changing room in Embassy.

2. Listening post located at bottom of shaft with headset and microphone. Line box with 8 dual pin jacks also found. Headset plugged in and appears dead.

3. We will enter tunnel at this time.

4. Still possible that opposition has not been alerted.

  1. Source: National Archives, RG 59, Central Foreign Policy File, [no film number]. Secret; Immediate. Sent via the SY channel.
  2. See Document 106 and footnote 2 thereto.