22. Message From the Central Intelligence Agency to the Station in Chile1

1. There seems to be a basic misunderstanding in regard to [Track Two]. Let us clarify.

[Page 121]

2. You are operating on two sets of instructions:

A. [codeword not declassified] (Track One)—as outlined in Johnson message to Korry (Director [number not declassified]) which is based on parliamentary solution to deprive Allende of Presidency. Johnson message provides strict outline of limits of action under this coordinated authority.

B. [codename not declassified] (Track Two)—this is authority granted [CIA] only, to work toward a military solution to problem. As part of authority we were explicitly told that [40 Committee], State, Ambassador and Embassy were not to be told of this Track Two nor involved in it in any manner.

3. Your suggestion of having Station urge (repeat having Station urge) Korry to visit Frei and suggest military solution is excellent and would be workable if we were working in tandem. We are not. Thus, would be tantamount to having Korry act as unwitting agent in implementing Track Two of which he is not aware and is not to be made aware. If he decides to defy Department instructions and act on his own that is his affair but Station cannot be responsible for pushing him in that direction since would be violation of our [codename not declassified] instructions [less than 1 line not declassified]. You can if you wish urge Korry in most generic terms to pay personal visit on Frei but you should not suggest scenario to him in line with ref b above for obvious reasons.

4. Hence, being deprived of use of Korry as spearhead into Frei we have decided, [7½ lines not declassified].

5. [1 paragraph (15 lines) not declassified]

6. [1 paragraph (2½ lines) not declassified]

7. Again urge you to understand that in relations with Ambassador you are limited to actions outlined in Johnson cable and should not give any indication of existence of [Track Two.] If we confronted with changed circumstances, we may alter these instructions.

8. [1 paragraph (1½ lines) not declassified]

End of message.

  1. Summary: The CIA requested that Korry let his actions in Chile be guided by the instructions he received from the Department of State.

    Source: National Archives, RG 59, Chile– ITTCIA 1963–1977, Lot 81D121, Chile Papers, Church Committee, August 12, 1975. Secret; Immediate; Eyes Only. The original is a copy with bracketed excision to protect cryptonyms and code names. The original, signed, and un-redacted version of this message is in Central Intelligence Agency, Directorate of Operations, Job 80–00012A. The message from Under Secretary of State Johnson under reference in paragraph 2A is in Foreign Relations, 1969–1976, vol. XXI, Chile, 1969–1973, Document 113.