82. Memorandum From [name not declassified] of the Near East and South Asia Division of the Directorate for Plans, Central Intelligence Agency to the Deputy Director’s Executive Assistant ([name not declassified])1 2


  • Visit of Major General Palizban


  • Previous memoranda, same subject as above.
In connection with Major General Palizban’s visit to Headquarters building on 18 August, the ACSI desires that all personnel who will be in contact with Major General Palizban during his visit to the United States be informed of the following information recently furnished by ARMISH-MAAG, Tehran:

“It is important to note that Iranians have a tendency to want to buy or be given exotic equipment which they are not prepared to use and, in many instances, cannot afford to purchase. There is also a tendency to accept a casual remark such as ‘we will look into this and let you know’ as a definite promise to provide equipment, information or assistance. Therefore, it is recommended that discussions and demonstrations take into consideration imperial Iranian Army capabilities, costs, and the U.S. national disclosure policy. Should the situation arise, General Palizban should be politely informed that availability, price, etc., cannot be determined until after a specific purchase or other request is received from his government.

Please brief the DDCI on the substance of para 1 above prior to his luncheon meeting with Major General Palizban scheduled for 1200 hours on 18 August 1970.
Also for the DDCI’s information, attached is a copy of the official ACSI itinerary for Major General Palizban’s U.S. visit.

Memorandum From the Chief of the Near East and South Asia Division, Central Intelligence Agency (Blee) to the Deputy Director (Cushman)

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  • Visit of Major General Azizollah Palizban, Chief, Combined Intelligence and Counter-intelligence Organization and J–2, Supreme Commander’s Staff, Imperial Iranian Army


  • Memorandum for the DDP, dated 29 July 1970, same subject as above
Major General Azizollah Palizban, Chief, Combined Intelligence and Counterintelligence Organization and J–2, Supreme Commander’s Staff, Imperial Iranian Army, accompanied by his aide/interpreter, Major Razavi, will visit the Headquarters building on 18 August 1970. He will be your guest for lunch on that date at 1200, along with senior NE Division officials (a guest list is attached). While here, General Palizban will receive briefings from representatives of OTR, OCI, and SE Division. An agenda of the briefings is attached in the event that General Palizban raises some of the briefing topics in conversation with you during lunch.
There is no cover for the visit to Headquarters building as General Palizban is visiting the United States from 11–19 August 1970 as an official guest of Major General J. A. McChristian, General Staff, Assistant Chief of Staff for Intelligence. [text not declassified] The Agency Officer for the [Page 3]visit will be [text not declassified]
[text not declassified]
[text not declassified]
As a result of his position, General Palizban has direct access to the Shah and responds to his personal guidance. In view of this, the General may have been encouraged by the Shah to raise the following topics which involve policy during meetings with high-level U.S. Government officials:
He may attempt to get an indication of any change in basic policy vis-a-vis Iran in view of its rapprochement with the Soviet Bloc and its “independent foreign policy.” He will probably emphasize Iran’s [Page 4]role as a strong, stable nation in the Middle East, an area in which the U.S. has few friends and little influence as a result of the consequences of the June 1967 Arab/Israeli War. Recommendation: Stress the U.S. Government’s long established friendship with and regard for Iran as a strong and reliable ally in the Middle East. Also comment favorably on the rapid rate of Iran’s economic growth as well as the social progress achieved under the leadership of the Shah.
Continued U.S. military sales to Iran under the Foreign Military Sales (FMS) credit authorization bill currently under Congressional scrutiny. Recommendation: As stated by the President as well as senior Department of State officials, reiterate that the U.S. Government plans to continue the FMS credit authorization subject to Congressional approval.
Increased importation of Iranian oil. Recommendation: Oil importation quotas are established and regulated by Congress; they can only be altered by Congressional action.
General Palizban has never had any previous meetings with Agency Directors and/or Deputy Directors. He will most probably bring a gift for the DDCI which is the Iranian custom. The NE Division will purchase an appropriate gift for presentation by the DDCI if the need arises.
David H. Blee
Chief, Near East and South Asia Division
  1. Source: Central Intelligence Agency, Executive Registry Files, Job 80B01086A, Box 1, Folder Executive Registry Subject Files, I-13, Iran. Secret. The memorandum and attachment are copies with indications that the originals were signed.
  2. In preparation for the visit of an Iranian general, the CIA forwarded information on the Iranian military requests supplied by ARMISH/MAAG, Tehran.