81. Circular Telegram From the Department of State to the Embassy in Ethiopia and 38 Other Posts1 2

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Montreal for US Rep ICAO


  • Washington Conference on International Air Transportation Security, January 11-13, 1971

Addressee missions are requested extend following invitation to their host governments to participate in Washington Conference on International Air Transportation Security, January 11, 12, and 13, 1971:

QUOTE I have the honor to extend to your government on behalf of the Secretary of Transportation, John A. Volpe, and the Administrator of the Federal Aviation Administration, John H. Shaffer, of the United States Government an invitation to participate in an International Air Transportation Security Conference to be held in Washington, D. C. on January 11, 12 and 13, 1971. The Conference will be devoted primarily to (1) exchange of information on implementation of specific security specifications and practices, (2) procedures for exchanging intelligence information with respect to threatened or potential acts of hijacking or sabotage, and (3) review of the state of research [Page 3] and development in the field of weapons and explosives detection, including identification of possible areas of cooperative research and development projects.

It would be appreciated if we could be informed, at an early date, whether your Government will be able to accept this invitation and, if possible, the number and identity of your representatives. UNQUOTE

In extending this invitation addressee missions are requested to make known to host governments USG’s particular interest in their attendance at this Conference, as States providing major international air transport services and/or international airport facilities.
Missions are requested to stress that Conference is in no way intended to derogate from the responsibilities of ICAO but should be viewed as an effort to promote implementation of recommendations already made by that Organization. Although November 1970 had originally been mentioned as the month the conference would be held, it was later found that January 11013, 1971 were more suitable dates.
An early report on reaction of host governments to this invitation, together with indication of whether it will be accepted and [Page 4] number and identity of participants, is important. If the question is raised, missions may inform their host governments that personnel from their national airlines and international airports on their delegation would be appropriate.
A detailed agenda and possible request for papers on specific subjects from some participants will be forwarded after receipt of information on attendance.
FYI Identical invitations being extended through US missions to most other governments which are members of ICAO, but those missions are being asked to present invitations in low key and not repeat not stress US interest in attendance of those governments at this conference. END FYI

FOR DAKAR: Request Embassy, in transmitting invitation to Senegal, suggest twelve Air Afrique nations may find it convenient to designate one or small number of persons to represent them jointly at conference in accordance ABIDJAN 3288. Similar request being made to US missions in other Air Afrique countries in connection extension invitations mentioned in para. 6.

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FOR BERN: This invitation is not repeat not being extended to Cuba.

  1. Source: National Archives, RG 59, Central Files 1970-73, AV 12. Limited Official Use. Repeated to Brasilia, Melbourne, Montreal for U.S. ICAO representative, Karachi, and NATO. Drafted by Gravatt (E/OA/AVP) and R. P. Boyle (FAA), cleared in ARA, EA, EUR, NEA, OIC, AFI, and by Silberstein.
  2. Posts were asked to invite host governments to attend the Washington Conference on International Air Transportation Security scheduled for January 1971.